We Already Miss You Mike!

920x920Upbeat with a big smile, a planner and doer, a friend to everyone!

This describes Mike Hoke to a T. He was a huge part of our club and our programs of “Outreach to the Public on Astronomy”. He organized local star parties (where the public has a chance to look through telescopes at the heavens), and he took kids from his classes on camping trips to study nature. It was all about teaching kids. That was his life!

He was a longtime science teacher at the West Orange-Cove school where children learned about the world that was around them.

His education included MIT and Harvard as well as other schools. Most of our relationship with Mike was with Shangri La Botanical Gardens, where he was director for many years. We had public star parties there, with an attendance of more than 500 people during an evening. He was always very supportive at these events, quickly tracking down anything the club needed. His enthusiasm for astronomy was apparent. Recently he was planning a star party with ASSET at Lamar Orange.

Our thanks goes out to him many times over for his contribution to ASSET.

Mike’s family included his wife Sandra, 2 children & 3 grandchildren, and he was a member of First United Methodist Church in Orange.1024x1024

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